The mission of the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Writing Center is to support classroom instruction across the content areas, build confident and competent writers and thinkers, enhance communication skills in a collaborative environment, and create a community of learners prepared for success in the 21st century!

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The Writing Center is open:

4th Block (A, B, and C Lunches)
Non-Mandatory Bonus Block (be sure to sign up in PowerSchool for attendance)


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The Writing Center is located in the alcove across the hall from room C37.


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Tara Al-saleem

"As someone who has always been apprehensive when asking for help, I hope to make the Writing Center a welcoming and judgement free place!"

Jacqueline Arcaro

"It’s important to be comfortable with your tutor. We're here to help you! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or share your opinions."

Hope Barrist

"Everyone is unique. There are no two writers who require the same exact attention or needs. "

Ruby Bender

"Everyone is smart, you just have to believe it!"

Audrey Chin

"Communication is key! Come talk to us; we'll be here to help."

Chelsea Cohen

"Writing is an important communication tool that anyone can improve with some effort."

Annika Eisner

"The Writing Center should be a welcoming environment where the individual needs of all students are met."

Benjamin Felgoise

"You will get out what you put in "

Jordyn Goldring

"The Writing Center is here to support students! We really want to help you succeed."

Mollie Hamaday

"Every student is different, so as tutors we should adapt to each of their needs to have the most success."

Jonah Kaufman

"“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”"

Sofia Mehmood

"I'll make sure you never come back again."

Zachary Redican

"Tutoring should be a collaborative process in which the tutee becomes a more successful writer in both the current assignment and future tasks."

Max Wittenberg

"Writing doesn’t have to be a solo process. Sometimes, having a peer to talk out ideas with is the best way to write the best papers!"

Sofia Lepore

"Everyone can learn to love the writing process "

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